Sunday, January 20, 2013

Does Survey Bypass/Downloader Works 2013?

So many people offering free tools that will bypass surveys. They're offering free ShareCash Downloader, Free FileIce downloader or any other downloader for any PPD (Pay Per Download website. So many people claiming that they've made a working tool that will bypass the surveys but, that's not true. There's no way to bypass surveys or use those downloaders.

The only way to bypass the survey is to complete it. There's different ways/methods to "bypass" surveys. For example, in my previous posts I've explained how to bypass FileIce/Sharecash or any other survey website surveys.

What I recommend you to do? I recommend you never to download those tools called "Bypass or Downloader" because they doesn't work! They are malicious and they have virus. Once you get infected they'll steal all your info. Never download such things like survey bypassers or downloaders because they doesn't work!

The only method that can really bypass surveys is to complete them! You can change your IP and get easy surveys like e-mail submits, email submits require only e-mail to be submitted and then the file will unlock.

Feel free to take a look at my other posts, they'll explain you how to complete those annoying surveys for free and in 2-3 minutes.

Example of fake video:


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